1. Inspection

Since most damage to Indiana buildings start at the top (roof) down we do a detailed no-cost initial inspection, inside and outside, to determine if there is damage and if so to what extent.  If there is evidence of water marks inside he building this usually indicates roof problems.  If the roofing material has not been replaced in the last 10 years it is quite likely there is a need for replacement.  Wind, ice, and hail damage are “acts of God” which are usually claimable damages.

2. Report

We present the report, with photos, to the building owner or designated manager.  If it is determined that there is damage, we will need a copy of your insurance policy declaration page (usually the first few pages that show who to contact, policy number, etc.) and we will set up a three-way call with your insurance provider and handle all negotiations with them on your behalf.

3. Insurance Negotiations

When approval is given, we deal directly with the insurance provider.  Utilizing insurance claim specialists like Sundollar Restorations maximizes the likelihood of obtaining full coverage within the scope of your policy allowing for the work to be completed fully and accurately. Our goal is to obtain the amount needed for the claim to cover the entire scope of the project. We will not charge more than the final insurance amount, with the deductible as the only cost to you.

4. Free Estimate

After all contracts and agreements are signed we do the work.  We ask for no money up front!  When the job is completed payment will be given.

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